What is the important role of rock wool insulation board in home decoration?
2021-03-11       Source:尤特森保温材料

Today, rock wool insulation material is used in many home decoration, because rock wool itself has good fire insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction performance.  If this kind of insulation board is used for home decoration, it can improve the safety and comfort of the residence and play an important role in home decoration.  


First, fire insulation


Most owners will use rock wool insulation material in the choice of wall filling material. In addition to price factors, more is to consider safety.  Rock wool insulation board has good heat resistance, fire rating to non-combustible grade A, so that the product has better flame retardant performance.  Nip in the bud, in order to avoid fire, many families now use rock wool board in the decoration process.  At the same time rock wool also has good insulation performance, prevent convection heat transfer of indoor and outdoor air, so as to keep the indoor temperature in an ideal state, not only reduce energy consumption, but also save costs.  


Second, sound absorption and noise reduction  


Rock wool is a kind of porous inorganic fiber, there is a tiny gap between the internal fluffy staggered fiber structure, can effectively absorb a lot of indoor sound, reduce indoor noise.  The sound absorption performance of rock wool board is closely related to installation conditions.  When there is an air layer behind the rock wool, the sound absorption effect is similar to that of the rock wool board with the same thickness without an air layer.  In particular, the low and middle frequency sound absorption performance will be greatly improved than the material directly attached, and the sound absorption coefficient will increase with the increase of air layer thickness.  

So in home decoration, the use of rock wool board can not only fire insulation, improve safety, but also sound absorption noise reduction, improve the comfort and living satisfaction of the house.