The function of steel structure glass wool moistureproof veneer
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At present, glass wool has been a wide range of use, excellent performance of insulation materials.In the field of construction engineering steel structure, glass wool is often used as a filling wall, especially the steel structure glass wool internal fiber fluffy interlace, there are a lot of small gaps, is a typical porous sound absorption material, has good sound absorption and noise reduction characteristics, is widely used in construction engineering KTV, opera house, conference room and other fields.But when using steel structure glass wool, we need to pay attention to one point, to give the glass wool online moisture-proof veneer.

Steel construction

Glass wool veneer is to glue the glass wool surface and the laminate together, divided into aluminum foil veneer and polypropylene veneer, with fashion and beauty, prolong the service life of glass wool, prevent chemical corrosion, waterproof penetration performance is better.

Steel construction

The function of glass wool paste facing steel structure building

1. Prevent water vapor from penetrating glass wool

After the glass wool is coated with aluminum foil, the surface layer is a layer of aluminum foil metal. The tightness between metal molecules can effectively prevent the infiltration of water molecules and water vapor, so that the anti-water vapor infiltration function is better.

Two, keep the integrity of glass wool

After the glass wool veneer, the surface layer is attached with a moisture-proof veneer, which can effectively prevent the glass fiber from falling off, forming catkins and affecting the construction progress.

Glass wool with steel structure

Three, block the exposure of glass fiber

After the surface of glass wool, it can prevent the exposure of the glass fiber inside, and the appearance is more stylish and beautiful.

Fourth, enhance the support of the system

The use of moisture-proof veneer of glass wool for steel structure can effectively prevent corrosion of steel by water vapor, affect the safety helmet and stability of steel structure building, and increase the supporting capacity of the steel structure system.

Steel construction