The advantages of rubber and plastic insulation pipe
2021-03-17       Source:

Thermal insulation material is a general term for thermal insulation and fire insulation functional materials, generally including glass wool, rock wool, rubber and plastic materials, among which rubber and plastic thermal insulation pipe excellent thermal insulation and fire performance is widely welcomed.At present, China's central air conditioning, separate air conditioning, medicine, construction, chemical, electrical appliances and other kinds of pipes and equipment insulation insulation, the use of rubber and plastic insulation pipe, because of its low thermal conductivity, low density, flame retardant performance, good flexibility, high wet resistance factor, environmental health and other performance advantages.

Rubber and plastic insulation pipe

First, low thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of rubber and plastic thermal insulation pipe is an important index to measure its own thermal insulation effect. The lower the thermal conductivity, the smaller the loss of heat flow and transfer, the better the thermal insulation performance.When the average temperature is 0 degrees Celsius, the thermal conductivity of the rubber and plastic insulation pipe is 0.034W/m.k, and its surface heat release coefficient is high, so under the same external conditions, the use of relatively thin thickness of this product, can achieve the same thermal insulation effect of traditional insulation materials.

Second, low density

According to the national standard requirements, the density of rubber insulation material is low density, less than or equal to 95 kilograms per cubic meter;Low density insulation material, light weight, convenient construction.

Three, good flame retardant performance

Rubber and plastic insulation pipe contains flame retardant smoke reduction raw materials, combustion is produced by the smoke concentration is very low, and in case of fire does not melt, will not drop the fire ball, combustion performance grade is B1 refractory objects, safety is guaranteed.

Four, flexible performance is good

Rubber insulation pipe has good winding and toughness, easy to deal with bending and irregular pipeline in construction, and can save labor and materials.Due to its high elasticity, it can minimize the vibration and resonance of chilled water and hot water pipes during use.

Five, high wet resistance factor

Rubber and plastic insulation pipe has a high wet resistance factor, so as to ensure that the material has excellent resistance to water vapor permeability, a stable thermal conductivity coefficient in the process of use, prolong the service life of the material, reduce the system operating costs.

Six, environmental protection and health

Condensation means that the surface temperature of the object is lower than the dew point temperature of the nearby air when the surface of the condensate phenomenon.When the pipeline, equipment or building surface condensation phenomenon, will produce mildew hair, corrosion, material properties change, lead to the building structure, system structure or material equipment and other properties are damaged, affecting property and personal safety.

Rubber and plastic insulation pipe

Rubber and plastic insulation pipe in the prevention of condensation, has outstanding advantages, foaming structure and self-adhesive joint, can effectively reduce the air output, lower thermal conductivity, can maintain a stable temperature, the system support capacity is stronger.