The function of rock wool composite board in building curtain wall
2021-03-16       Source:

Curtain wall is composed of panel and supporting structure system, widely used in various commercial and public buildings, with light weight, easy installation, wind pressure resistance, rain protection and other functions.but because the curtain wall has a cavity structure, and the thermal resistance of the main material of the structure is small, fire safety and thermal insulation and energy saving are particularly important, and rock wool composite board is the ideal fire sealing curtain wall and thermal insulation of the best partner.

Building insulation material

In recent years, with the accelerating process of urbanization, high-rise buildings, CBD business district each big building high-rise buildings exterior wall of rock wool composite panels has been adopted as insulation materials, improving the safety and comfort of buildings, still can heat preservation and heat insulation, reduce the whole building in air conditioning duct, duct insulation energy loss, improve the efficiency of resource use, to achieve the effect of environmental sustainable development.So rock wool composite board has three major functions in the building curtain wall.

First, fire sealing

There is a certain gap between the building curtain wall components and floor panels, so the fireproof sealing materials with thermal stability and high temperature shrinkage resistance are needed.Fireproof rock wool is non-combustible and can prevent the spread of fire. It can provide fire separation function for the building curtain wall, prevent the flame from running up through the window or between floors and burning to the upper floor or adjacent units, and ensure the stability and durability of the structure of the curtain wall in the case of fire and high temperature.

Two, heat preservation and insulation

In the curtain wall, the exterior decorative panel, stone and closed air layer contribute little to the thermal resistance, and the main thermal resistance contribution comes from rock wool insulation material.At the same time, there are clear requirements for the combustion performance of curtain wall insulation materials in the national code, and Class A non-combustible insulation materials must be used for multi-storey or more buildings with dense personnel.

Three, safety and environmental protection

The curtain wall requires that the insulation material should not use substances harmful to the environment, and it should not produce toxic and harmful substances in the case of fire.Rock wool material is A class A non-combustible material, the content of organic matter is very low, at high temperature will not release toxic and harmful smoke, and fire sealing rock wool in the fire can effectively prevent the smoke gas diffusion between the upper and lower layers or adjacent units.

Rock wool composite board has its own characteristics of fire insulation, safety and environmental protection, which plays a huge role in the thermal insulation decoration of building curtain wall.Especially in the event of an accident, it can effectively avoid smoke inhalation, keep clear consciousness and wait for the arrival of the rescue team, so as to ensure people's life safety and reduce property losses, avoid a large amount of waste of resources and embark on the road of sustainable development.