Application of steel structure glass wool in roof insulation system
2021-03-23       Source:

Steel structure is one of the building structures composed of steel materials. It has the characteristics of convenient construction, good sealing performance and light weight, but it also has the disadvantages of poor corrosion resistance and non-fire resistance. Therefore, in the construction process, glass wool will be added as the filling insulation material or wall and roof insulation in the outer layer.


The glass wool roof insulation system is composed of purlin plate, purlin, pressed steel lining plate, aluminum-magnesium-manganese vertical edge plate, aluminum-magnesium alloy square pipe, fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum-veneer, etc.It through glass wool environmental protection, sound insulation, fire prevention, heat insulation, light weight, high elasticity, compression resistance, easy installation, low cost of performance characteristics to solve the steel structure building roof insulation, water leakage, and splicing problems, in order to maintain the insulation effect of the whole roof, become a more reliable new environmental protection multi-functional building materials.

At present, the commonly used thermal insulation material in domestic construction projects is glass wool. Compared with other materials, glass wool building thermal insulation material occupies a great advantage in thermal insulation, fire resistance and heat resistance, corrosion resistance, sound absorption and sound insulation performance.Similarly, glass wool felt is the main insulation material in the field of steel structure construction, especially its own light weight, high resilience, good characteristics of hydrophobic performance, can adapt to the construction of various environments, and convenient and fast.

Glass sandwich cotton

The aluminum magnesium manganese vertical edge plate laid on the glass wool felt not only has effective protection for the glass wool felt but also adopts mechanical bite, without any screws exposed, which eliminates the leakage hidden danger caused by tens of thousands of screw holes in the traditional roof. It has good waterproof performance and does not need to set a separate waterproof layer.

The application of steel structure glass wool in roof insulation system has been very common, with the wide application of glass wool, in the external wall insulation system, curtain wall insulation system and other construction fields will use glass wool insulation materials.In particular, glass wool has the characteristics of environmental protection, formaldehyde free and energy saving, which is the driving force to promote the sustainable development of green buildings.