How to store and transport glass wool board?
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With the acceleration of China's urbanization, construction projects are increasing.In order to regulate construction safety and construction quality, many policies and regulations have been introduced.In the construction process, when the base and the construction environment temperature is lower than 5℃, the construction is not allowed, when the five level or above wind, rain and snow weather is not allowed to construct.During and after construction, effective measures should be taken to prevent rainwater erosion and sun exposure, and timely make a protective layer.In case of sudden rain during construction, measures should be taken to prevent rain from scouring the walls.In winter, anti-freezing measures should be taken according to relevant standards.

Glass wool board

As we all know, glass wool has many uses.Among them, centrifugal glass wool is widely used, which is used in all walks of life as a kind of insulation material.Centrifugal glass wool is a kind of filamentous material, molten glass fibrosis by centrifugal blowing process, after curing processing form, a prototype of centrifugal glass wool can be made into various shapes of products, such as centrifugal glass cotton swab, centrifugal glass wool pipe, centrifugal glass wool blanket, etc., is a typical centrifugal glass wool products, good sound absorption effect and wide application.

The internal structure of glass wool is fluffy, the overall density is high, and the sound of absorption can be sent out in time.In addition, the porosity also enhances the noise reduction effect, which satisfies people's need for silence and demonstrates their ability to absorb sound.In addition, the surface of glass wool is rough, so when sound waves hit the surface of glass wool, the sound waves will travel through the pores inside the glass wool, causing the molecular vibration in the air to cancel out.Another point has to do with the thickness of the glass wool.The thicker the glass wool, the stronger the sound absorption effect, the thinner the sound absorption, the less noise can be completely reduced.

Glass wool board

Glass wool pipe is a common use in many pipeline thermal insulation projects. It has excellent thermal insulation performance, seismic and sound absorption effect.Xiaobian reminds you that the proper storage and transportation of cotton pipe products is very important.In the storage of glass wool tubes, manufacturers want to remind friends to pay attention to moisture and sun protection.Cotton tube products once damp or long time exposure, performance and quality is easy to decline, seriously affect sales.The manufacturer suggests that you choose a dry and ventilated warehouse to store the cotton pipe products. Check the cotton pipe regularly and open the window for ventilation to ensure that the air in the warehouse is dry and clean.

At the same time, when transporting cotton tube products, care should be taken not to stack the tubes too high to avoid extrusion and the performance of the cotton tube products.The vehicle should be kept clean, no gravel and other sharp objects, so as not to cut the cotton pipe products.When handling glass wool tubes, workers should pay attention to handle with care, do not throw products, do not directly roll down from the vehicle.This practice can affect the appearance and quality of the cotton tube and ultimately affect sales and use.