What are the effects of glass wool products on the modern construction industry?
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With the rapid development of China's economy, urbanization and large-scale urbanization have become the development trend of urban construction, and the construction industry is also showing a booming trend, from low, cold concrete and steel bungalows to taller, comfortable, warm high-rise buildings and high-rise residences.Glass wool products with fire insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction function emerged at the historic moment.

Modern architecture

Glass wool product is a kind of molten glass into filamentous heat preservation material, after melting the solution through the sleeve out of the country, into the centrifuge through unique centrifugal technology will molten glass fibrosis, add environmental protection adhesive curing agent to form uniform cotton blanket, and then complete the curing process with constant temperature curing furnace, the product made of blanket, plate, tube, etc. Product.

Glass wool felt

Types and applications of glass wool

1. Glass wool felt: products are widely used in factories, warehouses, cold storage, gyms, steel structure buildings and various indoor sports grounds, conference rooms, opera houses, etc.It is characterized by convenient and fast construction, fire insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, which provides special indoor comfort for the building.

2. Glass wool board: widely used in building external wall insulation system, curtain wall insulation system, roof insulation system, industrial and air conditioning energy saving field, can fire insulation, reduce system energy consumption, with energy saving and environmental protection performance characteristics.

3. Glass wool pipe: mainly used in petroleum, chemical, thermoelectricity, industrial heating, civil heating and other fields of pipeline insulation and cooling.After heating and curing into tubular insulation material, the surface can be pasted with aluminum foil, so that the surface is moisture-proof and radiation-proof.

The influence of glass wool on modern architecture

Modern construction industry is developing faster and faster. As far as the construction process is concerned, the quality of building materials affects the comfort and safety of buildings. With the improvement of building quality, the performance and quality requirements of building materials are getting higher and higher.Especially in recent years, fire and other accidents to our people caused huge property losses and life safety, building fire performance requirements become the focus of people's attention.

With the introduction of national standard GB8624, glass wool products with non-combustible grade have become a bright spot in building insulation materials. Their unique characteristics of light weight, fire prevention, heat preservation, environmental protection, sound absorption, etc., have been widely used in various building fields, such as KTV, opera house, conference room, air conditioning and heat preservation, pipeline transmission, etc.And glass wool products with high cost performance, in the actual construction, is conducive to the reduction of construction costs, become a wide range of building insulation materials.