What are the factors affecting the price of glass wool?
2021-03-30       Source:尤特森保温材料

Glass wool is a cost-effective thermal insulation products, in today's thermal insulation material market plays an indispensable role, and the use of glass wool is very wide, chemical pipeline transportation, air conditioning insulation, KTV noise absorption and other buildings are used to glass wool.  However, the price is still the primary consideration of the construction budget selection of thermal insulation materials.  At present, the building insulation material market is not stable, so how should the industry to buy glass wool at a preferential price?  


The price of centrifugal glass wool is the concern of the industry.  However, when compared with current building insulation materials, supply and demand do not always match.  For example, the construction site is affected by rainy and wet weather, construction delays, reduced demand, etc.  These unpredictable objective factors, as well as product quality, technology and policy, will also affect the price and market demand of our glass wool.  


The influence of glass wool quality on price  


It is undeniable that the quality of glass wool is an important factor affecting the price of glass wool, but there are other factors that have a certain impact on the price of glass wool.  This is also a factor that cannot be ignored.  The price of glass wool will be affected by the purchase quantity.  The more you buy, the better the price, which is a matter of scale and cost.  


The effect of supply and demand on prices  

The price of glass wool is affected by market supply and demand.  Now many areas in the south have more rainfall, which coincides with the rainy season.  As a result, the relative demand for glass wool in the south will be slightly lower and the price will be cheaper.  This amounts to an oversupply of the market.  But when the market is short of supply, the price will be higher, so supply and demand will affect the price of glass wool.  


The influence of glass wool technology on price


Another is that the price of glass wool will be affected by today's technology of glass wool production.  In terms of production, glass wool manufacturers use more advanced automatic production technology to reduce labor and material costs, improve product quality, reduce transportation and storage expenses, and bring more favorable prices to the construction party.  


The influence of market policy environment on price  


And the price of glass wool is affected by policies and the overall environment.  In recent years, with the continuous development of China's construction industry, and local governments for green buildings and high-rise building fire prevention issued a lot of policy requirements, product demand increased, the price maintained a high level, showing an overall upward trend.  With the prosperity of insulation material market, glass wool market prospect is broader.