Characteristics and function of rock wool
2021-04-01       Source:

Rock wool products is based on a selection of basalt as the main raw material, by high temperature melt (temperature greater than 1450 ℃), made from inorganic fiber with high-speed centrifugal equipment, then add to join and dustproof oil, special adhesive spread blanket with oscillating roller set cotton belt, use special equipment to change fiber arrangement, rock cotton fiber arranged in three dimensional chaotic structure, finally a new type of lightweight thermal insulation material made of curing finalize the design equipment.Then according to different uses, the production of rock wool board, rock wool felt, rock wool shell and other products.

Its features are:

(1) good heat insulation performance.

(2) excellent fire performance.

(3) excellent sound insulation performance.

(4) durable chemical stability.

In what fields can rock wool and mineral wool products be used?

(1) Rock wool and mineral wool products in the application of building: used for building walls and roofs, building partitions, firewalls, all kinds of sandwich panels, fire doors and elevator shaft heat insulation and sound prevention and noise reduction.

(2) the industrial application of rock wool, mineral wool products: industrial equipment, pipelines, containers, all kinds of kiln heat preservation, fire prevention, sound absorption, earthquake resistance.

(3) Application of rock wool and mineral wool products in shipbuilding industry.

(4) Rock wool, mineral wool products in other fields of application: instead of alkali resistant glass fiber weaving high-performance alkali resistant mesh cloth, used for vehicle, mobile equipment, cold storage engineering, air conditioning pipe insulation and fire protection occasions.Make friction material and sealing material.