Main points of glass wool installation for exterior wall decoration silencing material
2021-04-09       Source:

Glass wool is a common sound absorbing material, because of the characteristics of sound absorption and noise reduction, heat preservation and energy saving, fire resistance, light weight, convenient construction, has been liked by many industries, and is widely used in all walks of life.At the same time, as a green environmental protection material, the price of formaldehyde free glass wool is not high, the cost performance is relatively appropriate, in the field of building construction exterior wall decoration is widely used in sound absorption and noise reduction, sound insulation and noise elimination scene.But in the process of construction, the installation of sound-absorbing glass wool also needs to pay attention to the following points.

Sound absorbing materials

In the installation process of glass wool, many people pay attention to its sound insulation effect, but the degree of sound insulation effect is also related to its thickness.In addition to thickness, it also affects the attraction effect during installation.During the installation process, the construction workers usually make a certain layer of air, which can increase the sound absorption effect.During the construction of the installation, the construction personnel will also do the superposition process, which can increase the sound absorption function.Therefore, when glass wool is installed, glass wool manufacturers can be required to guide the installation on site to avoid installation errors.

Sound-absorbing materials

At the same time, in our installation process, glass wool can give us a very good sound insulation effect.We will use glass wool on the exterior wall of the building, and add and use this acoustic material on the ceiling, ceiling or wall panels of the building.Not only that, the exterior wall of the building with glass wool filling decoration, but also has the fire insulation function, can improve the safety and comfort of the building.For the construction industry, the emergence of glass wool is a boon for exterior decoration.