Note for installation of formaldehyde - free fiberglass duct
2021-04-12       Source:

In recent years, the central air conditioning duct system has been widely used in hospitals, hotels, office buildings, airports, railway stations and other large buildings because of its advantages of high cost performance, economic benefits and strong stability.However, the installation and construction process of the thermal insulation duct of the central air duct air conditioner is relatively complex. We need to pay attention to the following points in the installation process:

Fiberglass duct

1. Paste insulation cotton nails evenly on the outer wall of the air duct according to the selected surface density, usually 8-12 per square meter.

2. Cover the thermal insulation nail with glass wool felt or sheet, stick it outwards, the thermal insulation nail penetrates the cotton and the veneer, and fix the glass wool and the duct together with the thermal insulation nail buckle pad.

3. The joints of glass wool should be as close as possible to avoid gaps, and all joints should be glued firmly with adhesive tape.

4. In order to completely prevent water vapor from entering the glass wool and condensation, all the parts fixed by the insulation nails should be sealed with adhesive tape after the installation of the glass wool.

Fiberglass duct