What are the characteristics of glass wool insulation layer?
2021-04-13       Source:尤特森保温材料

Environmental protection has become a serious problem that restricts the sustainable development of the earth. With the changes of global warming, melting of icebergs and sharp increase in energy consumption, the country has put forward higher requirements for green buildings and environmental protection and energy saving.  Glass wool came into being as a kind of heat preservation and energy saving heat preservation material.  


Green building refers to the construction of comprehensive environmental protection from construction materials, construction technology and even waste treatment, is a major trend of architecture, but also a favorable factor of environmental protection.  Because, the application of building glass wool insulation layer can save the building heating and cooling process of energy loss, enhance the stability and service life of the system.  Glass wool insulation material natural, small pollution to the environment, is a kind of insulation material we all like.  


Characteristics of glass wool insulation layer  

1, heat insulation performance: glass wool is copied into fiber by centrifuge glass wool, and then through sedimentation, curing, cutting and other processes to produce a felt like product.  The pores in the middle of the glass fiber form a natural layer of air, enhance the insulation of the glass itself, is a very good insulation material.  


2, sound insulation performance: sound through glass wool, through the tiny vibration of the fiber will be converted into heat energy, and then weaken the sound transmission.  


3, fire resistance: because the composition of glass itself is like crystal, it is a kind of high temperature resistant material, the highest use temperature can reach 250℃, suitable for residential use, more fire prevention.