What is the effect of water content on the sound absorption properties of glass wool?
2021-04-25       Source:

Glass wool is a kind of porous sound absorption material, because of its wide range of materials processing and manufacturing is relatively simple and relatively low price, and some new porous materials of low frequency sound absorption performance has been greatly improved, porous sound absorption material in daily life has a very wide range of applications.

glass wool

General silencing material, its sound absorption performance increases with the increase of sound frequency, sound absorption coefficient increases continuously, and then generally tends to gentle.However, in actual use, the sound absorption performance of porous silencing material will be affected by many external environment or its own factors and can not be stabilized. This paper mainly introduces the influence of water content of glass wool on the sound absorption performance.

Moisture is the percentage of the difference between the water weight and dry weight of a porous material divided by the water weight.Due to the difference in the use environment of centrifugal glass wool, dry or humid environment will make the water content of centrifugal glass wool change. When the environment is wet, the water content will increase, the pores of centrifugal glass wool will become smaller or blocked, and the porosity will decrease.However, the sound absorption performance of centrifugal glass wool has a great relationship with porosity. When the porosity is low, the sound absorption performance is poor, which will affect the overall sound absorption effect.

In the process of building construction, when the construction environment humidity is low, the design and construction can be carried out according to the sound absorption performance of the material itself.When construction environmental humidity is bigger, lead to the moisture content of centrifugal glass wool reached a very high level, will not be carried out in accordance with the absorption ability of the design, must want to consider environmental humidity led to the change of the absorption of moisture content, and adopt measures to avoid as far as possible, such as placing desiccant, otherwise will not be able to achieve the desired effect.