What is the physical performance index of glass wool tube of high temperature insulation material
2021-04-23       Source:尤特森保温材料

High temperature resistant heat insulation material refers to the general average temperature or less than 350 degrees Celsius, and the thermal conductivity is less than 0.14W/(M.K) of the material, is a category of thermal insulation materials.  And glass wool is a kind of high-temperature insulation cotton products, by melting glass fibrosis, forming cotton material, chemical composition is glass, is a kind of inorganic fiber, with good molding, small volume density, thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, sound absorption, corrosion resistance, stable chemical properties.  


Thermal insulation glass wool board is a typical thermal insulation material with good thermal insulation characteristics.  Glass wool board is easy to cut, can be cut into glass wool tube, wrapped in the outer layer of high temperature pipe, high temperature raw material bucket, effectively isolated temperature conduction, reduce the temperature of the external contact surface, reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.  


High temperature resistance and heat insulation glass wool has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, low heat can pass per unit area, thermal conductivity is about 0.034.  Finished glass wool board surface is fibrous, fiber uniform slender, fiber and heat transfer direction vertical arrangement, so that it can effectively prevent heat transfer, isolated surface temperature.  So it is usually used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum refining and chemical industry, such as boiler, flue, hot air duct, dust collector, oil tank, reactor and other equipment of heat insulation, heat insulation and noise reduction.