What kind of glass wool is divided by use?
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Glass wool is a wide range of thermal insulation materials, it is the use of glass as the main raw material, supplemented by a certain proportion of other materials, after high temperature melting, through the sleeve into the centrifuge using centrifugal process of high-speed rotation stretch fiber into silk, and then add environmental protection binder solidification into glass wool products.

glass wool

As a common thermal insulation material, glass wool is mainly used in the field of building thermal insulation, but not limited to the building thermal insulation material, its high temperature pipeline transportation, KTV opera sound-absorbing noise elimination and other aspects also have excellent applications.So according to the detailed use purpose can be divided into the following six kinds.

First, central air conditioning air supply system

Glass wool can be cut into pieces of glass wool board, and then form a new glass wool product composite glass fiber air duct through bonding and seaming, which can be wrapped and installed in the air supply pipe of central air conditioning to maintain the stability of air conditioning temperature and prevent the occurrence of condensation phenomenon, and extend the service life of air supply system of air conditioning.

Two, steel structure building

Glass wool with steel structure is usually used in the outer wall and roof of steel structure buildings. It plays a role of heat preservation and insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction, dew prevention, energy saving and creating a beautiful and comfortable environment.

Three, industrial high temperature resistance

In the industrial field of chemical, petroleum, electric power transmission, need to use a variety of high temperature pipeline, steam pipeline transportation, but beyond the safety limit of high temperature is prone to accidents.The use of glass wool wrapping pipeline can not only reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, but also according to the environmental and technical requirements on the surface of the corresponding moisture-proof veneer and protective layer, improve the service life of the pipeline, more economic benefits.

Four, acoustic special

Glass wool itself has the characteristics of sound absorption and noise reduction, fluffy and staggered fiber structure, there are a lot of tiny pores, is a typical porous sound absorption material, with good sound absorption effect.

Five, wall filling

Glass wool has the characteristics of sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, etc., and can be filled in the building curtain wall, exterior wall and roof, which can improve the safety and living comfort of the building.

Six, inorganic fiber spraying

Ultrafine inorganic fiber glass wool and inorganic adhesive are made by mixing with complete sets of special equipment, which can be sprayed on any building wall surface by professional machinery and equipment to form a seam free, sealed and hard inorganic fiber coating with certain thickness and strength.It not only has excellent sound-absorbing performance, but also has good fireproof performance.