The current market insulation rock wool board classification
2021-04-21       Source:

With the rapid development of the national economy, the construction process of urbanization is accelerated, and high-rise buildings are rising from the ground, bringing new vitality and vitality to the city, as well as new jobs and consumer markets.At present in the building external wall insulation material market, the more common external wall insulation material is rock wool board, low price, easy to cut, easy to construct the characteristics of the construction, so that it becomes the heart of the construction of external wall construction personnel favorite.

 High-rise buildings

Rock wool is basalt as the main raw material, add other auxiliary materials in a certain proportion, after high temperature melting, using high-speed centrifugal equipment into inorganic fiber, and then add special binder and dust-resistant oil, with roller cotton swing belt blanket, with special equipment to change the fiber arrangement, rock wool fiber arrangement into three-dimensional chaotic structure,The last one is a new lightweight insulation material made by curing and shaping equipment.For each construction project is the need to use the rock wool board this building material, and according to the needs of the construction project and the characteristics of the rock wool board itself, can be divided into thermal insulation rock wool board, fireproof rock wool board and waterproof rock wool board.

Rock wool board

First, thermal insulation rock wool board

Rock wool has good thermal insulation performance, thermal conductivity is less than 0.039W/m.k, low thermal conductivity to reduce the heat loss caused by air convection and transmission, to ensure the stability of the building and system and energy consumption, cost savings.

Two, fireproof rock wool board

According to the latest fire code requirements, rock wool is A class A non-combustible fire retardant material, can meet the requirements of any fire structure, in the case of fire can effectively prevent the spread of the fire, will not produce any combustion drops and flashover, while burning will not produce smoke.

Three, hate water rock wool board

Rock wool is a building material of fiber structure, every pine interlace filamate, and as high as 98% detest water rate, when the water is not completely immersed, water vapor will not stay in the rock wool internal, especially in rainy weather, rock wool board is wet, only proper protection, can be considered to dry again.