Energy conservation and environmental protection is the new trend of thermal insulation material development?
2021-04-20       Source:

With the advent of low carbon era, non-pollution, energy saving and environmental protection of external wall insulation material has become the development trend of building materials industry.The domestic energy saving and environmental protection is in full swing. It can be predicted that the market prospect of energy-saving green building materials with energy-saving functions will be broader.

The green building

China's energy consumption per unit floor area is two to three times that of developed countries, resulting in a heavy resource burden and serious energy consumption to the society and the country.Take the strategy of sustainable development road, develop the policy of energy saving, environmental protection, green building is imminent.Exterior wall insulation materials should not only meet the actual needs of building energy saving in China, but also become an effective way to implement building energy saving for a long time, and must meet the national and international environmental protection requirements.

The development of external wall insulation technology is inseparable from the innovation of energy-saving materials.Building energy saving must be based on the development of new energy-saving materials, and there must be enough thermal insulation materials as the basis.The development of energy saving materials must be combined with the exterior wall insulation technology in order to play its role.It is because of the continuous innovation of energy-saving materials that people pay more and more attention to the advantages of external wall insulation technology.Therefore, while vigorously promoting external wall insulation technology, we should strengthen the development and utilization of new energy-saving materials to truly achieve building energy saving.

The green building

At present, glass wool insulation board as a new energy-saving insulation material of the new favorite, by the attention of all walks of life.What are the advantages of this new type of environmental protection, fire insulation and energy saving materials?It is said that glass wool is the use of glass raw materials to add other accessories according to a certain proportion of mixing, through high temperature melting into the centrifuge using centrifugal blowing process, will be drawn into glass fiber, and then add environmental protection bonding curing agent to form a uniform cotton insulation material.It has a very wide range of applications in the field of thermal insulation, such as construction, industry, transportation and pipeline transportation.Only in the field of building external wall thermal insulation, compared with traditional material 90 mm thick achieve heat preservation effect, glass cotton can use thinner insulation materials to achieve the same effect, but also because of its own incombustible, has a dual function thermal insulation and fire prevention, especially the material is very light weight is very thin, construction is convenient, and won't happen fall off.In contrast, the performance of glass wool insulation material is more advantageous than the traditional insulation material, and the price is not high.

Glass wool board

With the wide implementation of energy-saving building materials, the society has put forward new requirements for the external wall insulation industry.In fact, the issue of energy saving is discussed separately, it is people's grasp of the overall situation.People have deeply realized that blindly pursuing the rapid development of the market is self-destructive.Only by adhering to sustainable development on the basis of energy conservation can we accelerate economic and social development into the track of scientific development.Energy conservation and environmental protection is the inevitable direction of exterior wall insulation development and upgrading.Now energy saving has become a fashion, environmental protection and energy saving song has played.The next era is doomed to be the era of environmental protection, so that the thermal insulation material industry has become the darling of the new era!