Zunyi Olympic Sports Center Project
2020-10-26       Source:尤特森保温材料


Zunyi Olympic Sports Center is located in the central axis of Xinpu New District (Olympic Road), covering an area of 410,000 square meters, with a total construction area of more than 140,000 square meters.  Adopt the layout of "one game and three gymnasiums", namely the main stadium, gymnasium, natatorium and comprehensive training hall.  The natural mountain is retained to make it a mountain park in the site, and is connected with buildings and squares to create an ecological and natural sports center. The greening rate of the project will reach 42.6%.  The event can meet national and individual international competitions.  


In December 2018, Olympic Park in Xinpu New Area was rated as a national 3A tourist scenic spot by experts organized by Zunyi Tourism Scenic Spot Quality Assessment Committee.