Youtesen formaldehyde free glass fiber silencing duct, give you more choice
2020-11-13       Source:尤特森保温材料

Uetersen focuses on the energy saving of urban buildings and manufactures formaldehyde-free glass fiber muffler air ducts, which are new energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials and are used for ventilation of central air conditioning systems such as large airports, high-speed trains and hospitals.  Energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials, which greatly reduce building energy consumption, have become one of the core of building energy conservation development.  The huge economic benefits of building energy conservation, coupled with the attention paid to "building energy conservation" at the national level, will promote the industry to formulate more standards for building energy conservation, and more policies will be introduced to promote the development of "building energy conservation".  


At the same time with environmental protection and energy saving, thermal insulation, sound absorption and fire prevention and other high comprehensive performance of the new energy saving and environmental protection materials, will be more favored by the market, Uetersen glass fiber muffler as a new energy saving and environmental protection materials, the application will be more and more widely, acceptance will be more and more high.  


Uetersen glass fiber muffler air duct is made of lightweight formaldehyde-free glass wool board, which can absorb sound and reduce noise without more mufflers, reduce the burden on building components, and improve the construction efficiency.  In general, the new air duct has incomparable advantages of iron duct, especially suitable for middle and low pressure central air conditioning system.  

Uetersen formaldehyde-free glass fiber muffler air duct gives you one more choice.  Whether in terms of price, or in terms of the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection, sound-absorbing and noise reduction performance of the air duct, it can give you excellent product experience and service.