Important, must see! Installation points of formaldehyde free environmental protection silencing air duct
2021-01-07       Source:尤特森保温材料

Formaldehyde-free environmental protection muffler air duct is a kind of light composite material air duct, made of high density formaldehyde-free glass fiber board composite other materials, with thermal insulation, sound absorption noise reduction, mildew and bacteria prevention function, used as the ventilation duct of air conditioning system, keep the cold heat and cleanliness of air supply.  


The installation of formaldehyde-free environmental protection muffler air duct is very important, which can determine whether the air duct will leak, whether to achieve low air leakage, every step is crucial, formaldehyde-free environmental protection muffler air duct is connected by socket type or male and female interface, all the connecting parts are sealed with special pressure sensitive or thermal sensitive tape certified by UL.  


Installation points of formaldehyde-free environmental protection muffler air duct:  


(1) Strict construction specifications, ensure construction standards and quality, and provide detailed design drawings and instructions.  


(2) The construction site must be kept clean and dry, and the operating platform shall be installed.  


(3) When binding, nails should be parallel or slightly angled with the seams.  


(4) The connection and seal of air duct must be made of qualified thermal adhesive tape.  The pressure sensitive tape must be scraped flat and the built-in nails should be clearly visible.  


(5) The air duct is strengthened with light steel keel every 8 meters or so to prevent the deformation of the air duct.  


(6) When the air duct is strengthened, it is advisable for the bending solid contact of the two ends of the steel wire to not shake the gasket, and the face of the gasket should be correct.  And the installation of the reinforcement must be straight, and note that in the air supply pipe, the reinforcement should be at the male lap interface.  


(7) Forming air duct and air duct plate, do not touch external force, try to avoid loss, and properly keep.  If there is damage, repair it correctly.  


(8) The connection between the air duct does not need flanges. The interface must use qualified repair glue and connecting agent, which is required to ensure its tightness and assemble a certain number of pipes for hoisting as far as possible.  


(9) Flange, fastening and sealing shall be added at the equipment connection, and tuyere regulating valve shall be hung or supported separately.  


(10) The distance of air duct suspender shall be carried out in strict accordance with the standard.