What are the main raw materials for rock wool production?
2021-01-12       Source:尤特森保温材料

What are the main raw materials used to produce rock wool?  Why do so many people ask this question, know that rock wool can be used for building, industry, pipeline heat insulation, reduce energy consumption can not it?  Yes, we do not have to know the complex production process and details of rock wool, after all, not professional production personnel, professional division of labor, so that the efficiency can be high.  But know rock wool is what material, can make architectural design and construction personnel can more trust and confidence, and not just can used for heat preservation and heat insulation, but also to the use of the material is fire, whether health formaldehyde-free, will produce negative effect to building fire safety, in this way can we truly complete engineering project.  


What is the main raw material of rock wool?  Here to the people who do not know the popularization, in order to better work.  Rock wool is basalt as the main raw material, after high temperature melting, made of artificial inorganic fiber by high-speed centrifugal equipment, and then processed into a kind of inorganic insulation material, with light weight, small thermal conductivity, heat absorption, non-combustible fire.  It can be concluded from the above description that the main raw material for the production of rock wool is basalt. This material belongs to inorganic fiber material, non-flammable fire prevention, and high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance than glass wool. The glass wool can reach 300 degrees to 400 degrees or so, and rock wool can reach about 1000 degrees.  


Basalt as main raw material is used in rock wool, has good pressure resistance and weather resistance, it is an important performance advantages are rock wool, and according to the shape and system of different rock wool, rock wool products, the system is mainly divided into rock wool insulation board, rock wool tube, roof insulation, curtain wall thermal insulation system fire prevention system, exterior insulation system,  All have thermal insulation performance, fire performance, excellent durability and hydrophobic performance.  From the above, the application of rock wool is wide, is currently, one of the more people use heat preservation materials.  


Believe that you already know the main raw materials of rock wool, there will be a comparison of understanding, compare the differences of two kinds of thermal insulation materials, advantages and disadvantages, this is very important, can choose suitable for the project of thermal insulation material.  Now many people compare do glass wool rock wool, glass wool have heat preservation effect, actually also has sound-absorbing noise reduction, and rock wool is prefer to sound insulation, it all depends on the production of these two kinds of heat preservation cotton materials and specifications, what is the main raw material of producing rock wool, this problem is very important, hope I can help you know more about rock wool thermal insulation material.