How about the sound insulation effect of rock wool board?
2021-01-13       Source:尤特森保温材料

What is the sound insulation effect of rock wool board?  People with this problem should be new to rock wool, it is not very understanding of the industry, or is looking for a suitable sound insulation material procurement personnel.  No problem is the problem, only have enough understanding and understanding of a material, can get rid of the past inertia of thinking, with a new perspective, there will be a better plan, in the smooth completion of the construction project, while there is a little room for improvement and improvement.  As a common sound insulation material, what is the sound insulation effect of rock wool board?  How is the application of sound insulation?  I believe you are very interested, let's analyze it.  


What is the sound insulation effect of rock wool board Generally speaking, regard sound insulation as material, the density that it requires and the bulk density of material want big, densification should be greater than other sound-absorbing material, be like the glass wool that heat preservation sound-absorbing uses, wait like sound insulation board.  The sound insulation effect of rock wool is proportional to its bulk density, the greater the quality, the better the sound insulation effect of rock wool, the corresponding price is higher.  There are a lot of sound insulation materials can be done on the market now, the advantage of rock wool board is that it can be used as padded cotton, used as sound insulation of building walls, and can be used as insulation materials for exterior walls, and the price has a certain advantage.  


How can the rock wool board be applied to achieve better sound insulation effect?  This is an important point.  Sound insulation application of rock wool board is generally used for light wall sound insulation.  Common structure is: plasterboard + keel + plasterboard.  But rock wool board here is sound absorption, here to mention that rock wool is porous material, at the same time has the effect of sound absorption and sound insulation, but with the increase and decrease of material density, sound absorption and sound insulation effect is biased.  When the sound-absorbing effect is greater than the sound insulation effect, it can be said that rock wool board is sound-absorbing material.  Rock wool board absorbs part of the sound wave through the gypsum board, reduce the sound wave in the gypsum board, keel, gypsum board formed between the back and forth reflection in the cavity, so as to improve the volume of the wall.  It has been proven that lightweight walls filled with 80-150kg/m3 rock wool slabs provide 8 to 15 db more sound insulation than gypsum boards alone without rock wool.  


Rock wool board is undoubtedly can be used as sound insulation, generally used for the filling of light steel keel partition wall, can also be applied to the thermal insulation of the external wall, is a common thermal insulation and sound insulation material.