Rock wool and glass wool which sound insulation effect is better?
2021-01-14       Source:尤特森保温材料

Rock wool and glass wool which sound insulation effect is better?  Perhaps you are for the sound wall is to use rock wool or glass wool material and trouble, and then a little more specific, perhaps you are for KTV compartment sound insulation decoration and trouble, do not know what kind of sound insulation material to choose, how to better achieve sound insulation effect at the same time, ensure fire safety, sound insulation performance lasting and effective.  As the boss of KTV room, who do not want their customers to experience the noise interference singing K environment, relax, spend a happy weekend, business depends on "repeat customers", by the details and quality.  I believe that many people understand this truth, but it is still a little difficult to do, after all, it is still to rely on practice to achieve landing.  


That rock wool and glass wool which sound insulation effect is better?  Which is more suitable for KTV room noise reduction decoration?  To answer the above two questions, or have to go back to rock wool and glass wool these two materials of raw materials and production of more basic knowledge, to know that glass wool fiber is relatively long and thin, the distribution is relatively tight and uniform, in general, glass wool is strong and not so easy to loose, but this is also relatively.  Relative to the glass wool, rock wool fibers is relatively short, this is why the density of rock wool need higher, thicker, can through the role of the glue binder forming and the rock wool board is not so strong, by increasing the bulk density and thickness are generally needed to increase its strength, so the density of rock wool is usually large, look more thick and heavy.  


It is understood that rock wool and glass wool in the same density, thickness of the case, just installed in the KTV room sound insulation decoration, glass wool material of sound absorption, sound insulation effect, is about 1.2 times rock wool, which can be seen the difference between the two.  But in general, rock wool is more suitable for sound insulation materials, glass wool is suitable for sound absorption materials.  The problem comes, rock wool and glass wool that but more suitable for KTV, dance halls, cinemas and recording studios and other noisy places?  The answer may surprise you, glass wool is through its sound-absorbing properties to do the sound insulation wall to achieve the effect of sound insulation, there are also directly through the high density of glass wool for sound insulation, there are many methods, many kinds of materials available.  


Contrast, rock wool and glass cotton of the two materials is different, rock wool and glass cotton for class A fire prevention materials, fiber inorganic materials, there will be A loss of fiber and rock wool, relatively more dust, glass wool have formaldehyde-free glass cotton of environmental protection, and formaldehyde-free less dust, the construction personnel are very friendly.  On the one hand, the high temperature resistance of glass wool can reach 300 degrees to 400 degrees, and rock wool can reach about 1000 degrees.  In general, rock wool is more suitable for sound insulation materials, glass wool is more suitable for sound absorption materials, but in practical application, it is a bit more complex, high design requirements and high environmental requirements of the construction project, sound insulation wall more will be used to relatively friendly glass wool.