Is rock wool harmful to the body?
2021-01-15       Source:尤特森保温材料

Is rock wool harmful to the body?  This problem is long-term contact with rock wool workers are more concerned about, they worry about whether rock wool will harm their bodies, if so, how much this harm, will not affect daily life, will not cause irreversible harm to the body?  Let's see, rock wool construction workers generally have concerns: whether it will cause harm to the respiratory system, whether it will cause harm to the skin, whether it will cause harm to the eyes and mucous membranes, which are more worried about workers.  Believe that most people contact rock wool more direct feeling is itching, or even there will be itching feeling, this is because rock wool is a fiber material, and the fiber is short, the dust is more than glass wool.  


According to many understanding, if the construction workers are exposed to rock wool for a long time this exterior wall insulation material, they may get skin diseases, such as common dermatitis, some workers' skin may appear "hardening phenomenon", and a few workers will appear skin allergies and other symptoms, but it is not sure whether rock wool fiber is an allergic source.  In order to be safe, workers should do a good job in the construction of protective measures, if the dermatitis, remember to apply ointment;  There are rock wool fiber on the eyes and mucous membrane may have an impact, improve the possibility of conjunctivitis and keratitis, this is the need to pay attention to, construction should also remind the construction workers to do a good job of protective measures, workers should also have this awareness of protection, the body is their own.  


Is rock wool harmful to the body?  In fact, it is said that rock wool dust (fine fiber) harm, according to the answer of experts, rock wool is a kind of inorganic fiber material, the material itself is no problem, is a building insulation material, can greatly reduce the loss of energy, save energy.  But we should pay attention to rock wool in the process of construction, may produce small fibers, a small amount of inhalation is ok, at the same time to avoid long-term inhalation, which is not friendly to the lungs.  Just like excessive drinking over a long period of time, it can have adverse effects on the liver.  So workers in the construction must pay attention to protective measures, wear protective clothing or masks and other ways to protect.  


Rock wool is now commonly used building insulation material, especially in the north, but also pay attention to the protection of workers in the construction process.