What is the construction process of external wall rock wool insulation board?
2021-01-20       Source:尤特森保温材料

How is the construction of exterior wall rock wool insulation board JianZhuRen ask this question is actually want to know the outer walls of the building project construction process of rock wool board, what on earth is it, is how to hold the rock wool board, this problem is particularly important, now a lot of shedding of wall rock wool board, frequent accidents, because in the process of construction, not doing related construction technology process steps, this is very dangerous,  Exterior wall rock wool board is easy to fall off because of strong wind, it is likely to cause injury accidents, so it is necessary to understand the construction process of exterior wall rock wool board.  


When it comes to the construction process of exterior wall rock wool insulation board, it is necessary to be familiar with the exterior wall external insulation system, and it is very helpful to understand the construction of exterior wall rock wool board.  External wall insulation system adopts external wall insulation rock wool board or rock wool belt, with special adhesive and surface mortar, selection of high-quality alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth and fasteners, with good fire performance, excellent heat preservation performance, excellent weather resistance and many other characteristics.  Wall insulation rock wool board is suitable for all kinds of masonry or concrete and other dense structure of the basic wall, not only can be used for the external insulation of the new wall, the expansion of the wall, but also for the existing building external insulation energy saving transformation.  


Class A non-combustible fire rating and high resistance to high temperature shrinkage can maintain the stability of the system structure in the event of fire.  


Next, in the form of pictures to show the construction process of external insulation system:  Basic wall treatment - laying out, hanging line - paste over the bag net - paste rock cotton sliver/board - pressure into the bag net - the first layer of plastering mortar construction - pressure into the first layer of glass fabric - installation of thermal insulation nail, anchor bolt - second layer of plastering mortar construction into the surface of glass fiber mesh - plastering mortar construction - exterior construction - acceptance.  


Each step above is very important, workers must be in accordance with the normal construction process for the corresponding construction, each step should be done, can not be careless.  Building insulation safety first!  The final acceptance link will also be a very important step, remember!  Remember that!