What is the difference between rock wool and asbestos?
2021-01-21       Source:尤特森新材料集团

What is the difference between rock wool and asbestos?  Isn't it different?  Friends who are not familiar with these two materials may equate rock wool with asbestos, that is, rock wool and asbestos are no different, are harmful and toxic, will improve the possibility of cancer, that is, these two materials are "carcinogens" should be banned, do not pollute the environment and harm the body.  Friends who have this kind of concern are very normal, it is understandable that people's health comes first, but rock wool is really very different from asbestos insulation material, rock wool is not "carcinogenic" material.  


What is the difference between rock wool and asbestos?  First about asbestos, asbestos is the abbreviation of asbestos fiber, is made of silicate minerals as raw materials, asbestos fiber longer can be used to make fireproof textiles, such as asbestos belt, asbestos cloth, etc.;  Fiber shorter can be used to manufacture asbestos cement products, asbestos sound insulation materials, asbestos insulation materials and other materials.  But asbestos fiber, after research and tests, in October 27, 2017, appeared in the world Health Organization international Agency for Research on Cancer published the list of carcinogens, can cause asbestosis, pleural mesothelioma and other diseases, many countries have chosen a total ban on the use of this dangerous substance.  


What kind of material is rock wool It is made of basalt and other minerals as raw materials for heat preservation and sound insulation materials, often used for the insulation of building exterior walls and building curtain wall fire blocking materials, according to the shape of different, can be divided into rock wool board, rock wool belt, rock wool felt, rock wool shell these materials.  Rock wool is commonly used in northern areas where there is a large temperature difference.  If your house has been decorated with exterior insulation, it is likely to use rock wool insulation.  Unlike asbestos, rock wool has stable chemical properties and is harmless to human body.  Do not use CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs and other environmental harmful substances in the production process, will not harm human health, and will not increase the risk of cancer.  


Above, you can know that rock wool is not asbestos, although the two materials are fiber insulation materials, can be used for sound insulation and noise reduction, but rock wool is not a carcinogen, but in the construction of insulation engineering, or pay attention to do a good job of protection, avoid inhaling too much off "fiber".