What are the advantages of rock wool sandwich board
2021-01-22       Source:尤特森保温材料

Rock wool sandwich board is a rock wool core board, and has the effect of thermal insulation and sound insulation.  Generally speaking, in the same specification, rock wool is better than glass wool sound insulation.  Rock wool sandwich board metal sandwich board is composed of rock wool and metal steel plate by automatic equipment. It is widely used in all kinds of industrial plants, airports, stadiums, exhibition halls, hospitals and other commercial buildings, including external walls, roofs, internal partitions and ceilings.  Rock wool sandwich board is specially designed for metal sandwich board rock wool products, with precise geometric size control, good fiber toughness, high compressive strength, shear, shear force and other advantages.  


What are the advantages of rock wool sandwich board Next, the rock wool sandwich board gives full play to the unique performance of rock wool core material, and has significant effects in fire prevention, thermal insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation.  


1, excellent fire performance:  


Rock wool sandwich board using raw materials, production technology and formula, so that it has good fire performance.  


2, good heat insulation:  


The thermal insulation performance of rock wool sandwich board is based on the thermal conductivity of rock wool =0.043W/㎡K, and the thickness of the corresponding proportion of rock wool core material is calculated.  


3, sound insulation effect is significant:  


Rock wool sandwich board has a significant reduction in noise transmission, especially suitable for designated flights through the area.  In addition, the use of rock wool roof board, rain, hail impact on the building roof steel plate caused by indoor sound, also significantly weakened;  Rock wool sandwich board also has good sound absorption effect, it can absorb a wide range of sound frequency.  


4, good stiffness: the overall steel is far better than the pressure type plate sandwicked rock wool (glass wool) site composite plate.  After the sandwich board is fixed with the purlin, the overall steel degree of the roof is greatly improved, and the overall working performance of the roof is strengthened.  


5, buckle connection mode is reasonable: rock wool roof board buckle connection mode, avoid the hidden trouble of roof board joint water leakage, save the amount of accessories.  


6. Fixed method is firm and reasonable: rock wool roof plate is fixed with special M6 self-tapping screw and purlin, which can effectively resist external force such as typhoon.  Self-tapping screws are set on the crest position of the upper surface of the roof panel, and a special waterproof structure is adopted to avoid the occurrence of waterproof weak spots.  


7, short installation cycle: rock wool sandwich board, because the site without secondary processing, not only can keep the surrounding environment clean, does not affect the normal operation of other processes, but also can greatly shorten the plate installation cycle, rock wool sandwich board daily average installation area of 600~800 square meters.