Which is cheaper, rock wool or glass wool?
2021-01-26       Source:尤特森保温材料

Rock wool and glass wool price which cheaper?  These two kinds of material are heat preservation material, and it is usable make sound-absorbing sound insulation material, can appear function is similar, but do not know this to choose which kinds of material better circumstance.  Generally, friends in the construction and building materials industry who encounter this problem are in the key stage of inquiry and procurement. In fact, there are many factors that determine the choice of materials, among which the price is a very important factor.  According to various information, in terms of the unit price of the material, the unit price of rock wool is cheaper, and the price of glass wool is higher.  That many people, there will be a question, then all with rock wool on the line, why also use the high price of glass wool material?  


In fact, this is back to the comparison of rock wool and glass wool these two materials, first of all, the production of the two materials and the production process is different, the cost is different from the beginning, which also leads to the pricing strategy of the last two materials, which is inevitable.  Followed by these two kinds of materials on the performance of the role of the difference, in general, because have uniform thin glass wool fiber, as well as the structural characteristics of porous materials, compared to rock wool material has better sound-absorbing performance, that is to say, under the same specification, glass cotton have better sound absorption performance, by contrast, rock wool is far lower,  This is from the performance level to explain the difference in the price of these two materials, glass wool is higher than rock wool, but the sound-absorbing performance is better, and there is not so much dust falling, more friendly to the construction personnel and the environment, glass wool and a formaldehyde-free glass wool, less dust falling, and formaldehyde-free environmental protection.   


Factor of price of these two kinds of material has a lot of actually, same kind of material, brand is different, manufacturer is different, quality is different, price can have sky and earth difference possibly.  


But first of all, we should first look at the quality of the material, and then look at the brand of the production material, including visibility and reputation, which is invisible credit guarantee, can give customers more secure guarantee, so that the construction project is successfully completed on schedule.  If there is no guarantee of quality, no matter how good the brand publicity is, it will be useless, so general large engineering projects will require manufacturers to send glass wool or rock wool samples in the past, first look at the quality of the material, so as to rest assured.  In general, glass wool fiber and fiber layout quality is better than rock wool, less dust, and sound-absorbing performance is better than rock wool, another point is that glass wool is light material, more suitable for steel structure and other buildings roof and wall, to achieve sound absorption noise reduction and thermal insulation effect.  Generally speaking, the thermal insulation performance of glass wool is better than rock wool, for example, with a bulk density of 100 rock wool, and with 20 glass wool effect is the same.  


Of course, rock wool also has the advantages of high temperature resistance, fire prevention and sound insulation, but generally speaking, the price of rock wool is cheaper than glass wool, but overall performance, glass wool is better than rock wool.